We organise our work in the following three areas:

Education and training: we deliver tailor made training programmes for organisations and individuals, specialising in social innovation, green entrepreneurship, ethical finance,  sustainable events, communication for sustainability and the circular economy. We also run a sustainability school for teenagers and design innovative games and learning resources for educators.

Research and editorial: we produce publications on a diverse range of social and environmental issues, including a book on Social Innovation with Greenleaf Publishing,  a tri-lingual magazine «Education and Sustainability» for the UN recognised RCEs, research  papers on the role of governments in CSR, policy recommendations on green entrepreneurship, case studies on social innovation and a policy review for solar energy in SMEs.

Communication and events: with over 20 years experience working as creatives for companies and social initiatives, our team delivers graphic design, websites, social media and video production as well as communication strategies. We have also developed expertise in sustainable events and communication for sustainability offering training and guidelines to event organisers practitioners.

Click below to find out more about some of our recent projects:

Avalon · Sustainability School · an integral learning experience for young people in an international community, combining art, adventure and skills for sustainability, inspired by Gaia Education’s «Design for Sustainability».  Next year’s Spring and Summer Camps to be held in the Spanish pyrenees.

Ethica Â· Ethical finance game â€¢ a board game to stimulate learning and debate about ethical finances and the environmental, social and ethical implications of our financial decisions. The game is suitable for 6 to 27 players, and is available in 5 languages.

Social Innovation Antenna · we collaborate with the Institute of Social Innovation at ESADE Business School undertaking research on outstanding examples of social innovation from around the world and developing variables to measure their social impact.

Education & Sustainability Â· Magazine• a tri-lingual magazine offering articles, case studies and teaching resources . We edit the magazine for two Regional Centres for Expertise in Education for Sustainable Development recognised by the UN in Sweden and Spain.

SEGEM • Green Entrepreneurship · research of green entrepreneurship in the Mediterranean, including 20 case studies of green entrepreneurs from diverse sectors, and mechanisms to help stimulate entrepreneurship in the region.

SET • online sustainable events toolkit Â· a resource for event organisers, managers and sustainability professionals with a step by step checklist on how to make your event sustainable with a suppliers database across the Mediterranean.

Water, Rivers & People •  an international photographic exhibition about water, covering 26 case studies from 6 different continents, showing the human story of the millions of people who have lost their livelihoods through degradation and conflict.

Satyarthi Wuwei •  Constellations led by a therapist with over 35 years experience of integral healing using meditation, constellations and other holistic approaches. We support Satyarthi in his communication and engagement.

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