Villa Maria

Historical romantic villa with 3.600 mt2 of garden, a stunning view over Barcelona and modernist balconies with views over the city, with benches, fountain and statues.

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A small pice of  Vallvidrera History

Villa Maria was built in 1907 by Mariano Viñas in honour of his brother, the tenor Francesc Viñas, hence the circular and semi- circular spaces, well suited for rehearsing and showcasing the tenor’s voice. (You can try this yourself by raising your voice in the centre of the circular room, or in the center of the semicircle in front of his bust in the garden – for the latter, project your voice downwards at 45 degrees towards the stone semicircle-).

Francesc Viñas, was born in Moya (Barcelona), May 27th, 1863, and died in Barcelona on July 14th, 1933. Of humble origins, he was a shepherd in his childhood, but was always showed an inclination to music. Francesc was given his first big break in 1888, when his teacher Goula invited him to sing Lohengrin in the Liceo theatre in Barcelona. A year later he had his debut in La Scala di Milan and his successful career continued to develop in the major theatres around the world: Turin, Rome, Madrid, Lisbon, Convent Garden in London and the Metropolitan in New York. He was knighted by Queen Elizabeth, and received ovations and great applause wherever he performed.
The Viñas brothers were active supporters of republican ideas. It is said that Josep Tarradellas -a renowned republican politician, Catalan left wing nationalist and one of the “founding fathers of the nation of Catalonia” – hid in Villa Maria the hideout under the stairs, Villa Maria in the fall of the republican government at the end of the Civil War.

It also has oral history, some years ago, one of the occupants was visited by a Buddhist monk, who urged his departure in a short time, this requested permission to bury his body when he left this world. It is one of the sides of the tunnel at the end of the garden (now become fertilizer for plants that abound there.)

In addition to a street that bears his name, is still celebrated in Barcelona the music contest for new talent Francesc Viñas, which first took place in this very house. Some of their descendants still live in Vallvidrera.

How to get there
Walk to Plaza Cataluña, and opposite Café Zurich walk down the stairs following signs to FGC. If you are staying at Exaimple, you can walk to Provença  train station; If your are in the neighbor of Gracia, go to to Gracia train station. Buy a T10 ticket (9€) which will give you 10 journeys on all public transport in Barcelona (various people can use the same ticket). Take the L1 or L2 train headed either to Terrassa or Sabadell (do not get in the front carriage of the train as this does not stop at Peu de Funicular). Get off at Peu de Funicular (12 mins), walk up the stairs to the Funicular (included in your ticket) and get off at the last stop (Vallvidrera Superior) – (4 mins). Walk out of the station, Villa Maria is the first house on your left (Carrer Queralt 18).  The Funicular and the trains run until 00:00 am and starts at 5:00 am, and to 02:00 am Fridays and Saturdays, so you can either go back the way you came, or we can arrange a taxi for you (approx. 30€)

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