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we love what we do…

We are a team of sustainability and communication professionals based in Barcelona with over 20 years experience working for social change in the UK, Spain and Latin America.

We work in partnership with others who are inspired to change the world.

We are a social enterprise.


from the world we have…

… to the world everyone, everywhere wants.

We feel intrinsically part of the problem and the solution to today’s challenges.

We blend scientific rigour, creativity, international credibility and a practical, hands-on approach and are committed to helping others meet their sustainability challenges in a fast, effective and inspirational way.

We aim to make a difference.

We walk the talk!


we do what we love

Education & training – we design innovative learning resources for sustainability and deliver cutting edge training programmes.

Editorial & research – we undertake research on various aspects of sustainability, social innovation and social entrepreneurship and edit a magazine in four languages.

Comunication & events – we design communication strategies and deliver consultancy on sustainable events.

We develop open source solutions and work in multiple languages.

We love work.

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